Welcome to Tuggy Consultancy Group, founded by seasoned military pilots with over three decades of aviation experience. We bring a unique perspective and a valuable skill set aligned with the industry’s needs. Our team excels in aviation operations, flight safety, and regulations, ensuring the highest safety and efficiency standards.

With a safety-oriented mindset developed through direct service to war-bearing forces, we leverage extensive industry connections, including ex-Army, Airforce, and Naval officers. This rich network enables us to deliver comprehensive and practical solutions, showcasing our problem-solving adaptability.

Passion and dedication drive our team to work diligently toward successful mission accomplishment. Stay assured that we are up-to-date with the latest technological advancements, applying this knowledge to meet our clients’ evolving requirements.

At Tuggy Consultancy, our core strength lies in adaptability and problem-solving. While this is our first startup, our confidence in success is unwavering. We view each project as a long-term journey, meticulously planned and executed from inception to profit generation and beyond. Expect transparent updates at each completion stage, ensuring a collaborative and successful partnership. Join Tuggy Consultancy, where expertise meets commitment for enduring success in the aviation industry.